Apply before 29th February and save £250 on all summer programs!
Save £250 on all summer programs before 29th Feb!
Save £250 on all summer programs!
Apply before 29th February!

Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 12

The final day of the program has finally arrived and it is a bitter sweet day. Today is the day when the Reach Cambridge journey ends for the majority of our students. However, our Director of Curriculum Monika made sure that the classes went out with a bang.  Our Biotechnology class spent their final class…
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Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 11

The penultimate day of the program was full of some wonderful tunes and sights. Classes brought with them new and exciting opportunities to get out of the classroom. The Psychology class made their way to the escape rooms, racing against the clock and each other to gain a prize as well as overall bragging rights….
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Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 9

This morning our students began class bright and early, with such a wide range of subjects on offer the subject classes were full of exciting projects. The Biotechnology class worked to extract DNA from strawberries using a chemical reaction, whilst the Engineering class created bridges to examine the practical realities of the theory they had…
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Summer 2018: Program 2 – Day 7

Reach students enjoyed a good lie-in this morning after an exciting and packed weekend in London. By the time the sun had reached it’s highest point in the sky, students were up,  energetic and enthusiastic for their afternoon lessons! One class constructed a bridge out of newspapers and tested its ability to withstand weight. Another…
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Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 6

After an exciting Saturday spent exploring the Southbank and Greenwich areas, Reach students were thrilled to learn that they were going to have yet another chance to explore more of London this Sunday! The first part of our Reachers day was spent in one of two museums. Our art-loving students opted for the Victoria and…
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Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 5

What an amazing day we’ve had! After a very early morning but much excitement on their side, the students got onto the coaches. Little over an hour later, the students got to participate in the perfect London experience, as they travelled both days to this magnificent capital! On Saturday, the students got to choose between…
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Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 4

Today started off with a cool breeze and yet another sunny day, with classes going on as usual, apart from the English as a Second Language students who split off into other subjects for the day to put their improved English to the test. Some visited Biotechnology and others branched into Psychology to get a…
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Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 3

What. A. Day! Our expert teachers continue to be amazed by the enthusiasm, hard work (and punctuality!!) of all their students. Our Computer Science Team continued to work on their automatic maze solvers using maths and programming, and our Engineers built bridges made of marshmallows and spaghetti (who knew that was possible??) despite the marshmallows…
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Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 2

Another action-packed day at Reach Cambridge!   After a morning of classes including Physics and Astronomy to Biotechnology, students explored Cambridge to scout out the best places to grab lunch. This well-earned rest prepared them for afternoon activities — including a very well-attended Sports session, with students trying their hand at volleyball, basketball, football, tennis,…
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