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Program 2: Summer 2018 - Day 9

DNA Extraction

This morning our students began class bright and early, with such a wide range of subjects on offer the subject classes were full of exciting projects. The Biotechnology class worked to extract DNA from strawberries using a chemical reaction, whilst the Engineering class created bridges to examine the practical realities of the theory they had previously covered in lessons, and the Law class learned the basics of Criminal law.

After class, the students had the chance to undertake the second day of Mock interviews, delivered by our supervisors and course teachers, many of whom are current undergraduate or postgraduate students at some of the best universities in the country. This allowed everybody to explore the subjects they might want to study at university, and practice the skills they’d learned in our ‘Interview Skills’ lecture earlier this week.

Alternatively, we had the chance to prepare for tomorrow night’s Talent Show! This is always a highlight in the Reach Calendar, and lots of the students have been busy practicing their musical and non-musical talents. Further, some of our students were able to undertake a trip up to the roof of King’s College, organised by one of our supervisors, a current student at the College. They got panoramic views of Cambridge, and it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity usually reserved for academics of the College.

The evening saw our final Corridor Dinner for the program, with students gathering to have dinner organised by their supervisors, before heading over to the evening’s lecture at the Cambridge University Engineering Department. This was the delivered on the ever-important topic of Waste Reduction and the issues facing the environment, by our very own Director of Curriculum Monika.

Corridor Dinner

Following the lecture, many students decided to attend the Summer School Disco, whilst others got their Karaoke on and belted out some classic songs, accompanied by the Supervisors! No matter what activity was chosen, the students had a creative evening, before heading to bed ahead of the penultimate day of the program. We’ll be sad to see all of the students leave us at the end of the week, but packing is underway!

Written by Scott, Programme Co-Director