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Why Reach

Why Us?

Since 2005 we’ve welcomed thousands of students to Cambridge. Choose the course that is right for you from our amazing selection and prepare for the best summer of your life. Here are the top 5 reasons our students will always remember their Reach Cambridge experience:

Academic Excellence

Learn from leading scholars and experts; engage with dynamic classes, lectures and workshops.

Inspiring Surroundings

Live, learn and grow in the historic and world-famous University City of Cambridge.

Excursions & Activities

Explore the UK with culturally enriching excursions and engage in fun, inclusive activities.

International Experience

Meet people from all over the world, learn about different cultures and make friends for life.

The Perfect Balance

Manage your own free time and balance it with your studies. Grow in confidence, understanding and independence.

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What People Say About Us

Reach was an amazing experience for me. It's allowed me to interact with people from all over the world, making me more of a global citizen.

Faisal, Medicine & Life Sciences, 2019

The most exciting part was just arriving here, seeing everything new and sleeping in college. Everyone is really friendly, really open, and happy!

Leo, Engineering, 2018

My favourite lecture has been 'Women in Leadership'. I think it was really interesting because it can be different from one culture to another, so it was really about making things clear about what we can do and why we should do it.

Alice, Medicine & Life Sciences, 2018

The practicals here are amazing - it's so much fun! The most exciting thing was dissecting a heart and lungs.

Savanna, Medicine & Life Sciences, 2018

I think other students should apply to Reach Cambridge as it's a great opportunity not only to learn something you're interested in, but also it's a great way to interact with other students from around the world!

Johanna, Psychology, 2018

Reach has been a great experience for my daughter, who did an "away from home" summer program for the first time ever. I saw how she gained maturity and a new-found confidence from being independent and gaining new friends in a totally different environment.

Karen, Parent, 2019

It has been a life-changing experience, in which I had the chance to do things I've never done before, meet people I've never met, and learn valuable lessons.

Caroline, Politics & International Relations, 2019

It made me have more confidence, especially the public speaking. Because of Reach Cambridge I have more friends from all around the world. Thank you Reach Cambridge family!

Berk, Physics & Engineering, 2019

Reach Cambridge was an amazing experience and I met people from all around the world. At first I was really scared to meet lots of people, but now I look back, if I had not taken this experience I would definitely have regretted it. The accommodation was very comfortable and…

Omar, Physics & Engineering, 2019

It was such a pleasure and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to be part of this team! I'm always gonna carry this lovely family in my heart!

Isa, Politics & International Relations, 2019

Two weeks ago, I was an entirely different person. I don't recognise that insecure, shy teen anymore. Reach has done wonders for my confidence.

Ivana, Politics & International Relations, 2019

Reach Cambridge breaks national barriers and brings other nationalities together.

Larissa, Politics & International Relations, 2019

I loved the Reach program and it was great to get to know people from all over the world.

Olivier, Medicine & Life Sciences, 2019

Reach Cambridge is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I loved everything about my experience here. The people that I met, the things that I learnt, were incredible, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Liliana, Biotechnology, 2017

Reach Cambridge has been the best thing I've ever been a part of. I absolutely loved every second of it. I've enjoyed not only the lessons, but also all of the fun activities.

Zazu, English & Performing Arts, 2017

Adventure of a lifetime. If I could repeat it each year, I would!

Stephanie, English as a Second Language, 2017

Reach did not only help me to decide what to study, I learned so much about other cultures and about myself.

Stella, Medicine & Life Sciences, 2017

Coming to Reach has been one of the highlights of my life. The blend of excursions, learning, and meeting new people is a really great idea brought to life.

Kelvin, Computer Science & Maths, 2017

When you meet new people and new cultures, you learn so much.

Lea, Physics, 2017

I will never forget all the cultures and diversity I have witnessed at this camp, let alone the trips and classes I have experienced.

Jake, Physics & Engineering, 2017

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Apply before 31st January to save £250