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Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100
Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100

Program 2: Summer 2018 - Day 8



The weather may have been changing over these last few days, but our students remain constant in their enthusiasm and hard work, which makes us super happy! Not all of our classrooms were full this morning, as the Computer Science class took a trip to the Centre for Computing History. The students remarked on how this was not a normal museum, as they took part in gaming tournaments, competing against each other in some of the big classics in gaming history such as Sonic the Hedgehog and PacMan. Meanwhile, the Biotechnology Class were busy experimenting with enzymes. Today our first round of mock interviews took place. Students had the unique opportunity to test themselves in front of our experienced supervisors, who have all had the pleasure of taking part in university and job interviews. The combined experience between them all makes them true experts on the topic. Each student was matched with a pair of supervisors who were most competent in the chosen subject of the student luckily we have a broad range of academic and professional interests among our team, from Mathematicians to Psychologists. We hope this will be helpful for future university applications and beyond!

Ghost Tour

Also during the afternoon, students and staff had the opportunity to fulfil their auction promises, from music lessons and talent show practice to special viewing parties, the students had plenty to do this afternoon. There were sports taking place as usual at the Downing Paddock, and a very special Zumba class at Trinity Hall with Jenny and Precious. In the evening, the students gathered once again to  listen to a compelling lecture about self-confidence and social media. After reflecting on the negative impact of social media, some then went on to have fun in a more old-fashioned way: playing board games. After some free time, students headed over to take part in the world-renowned  Reach Cambridge Ghost Tour. Many were thoroughly spooked by our undercover supervisors, others were bemused. More fun to come tomorrow! Written by Nina, Office Manager