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Studying English as a Second Language

Genny, our Director of Curriculum, Reflects on Learning English as a Second, or Additional, Language Want to improve your English? Hoping to one day study abroad? There are many reasons...
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Scholarship Student Luiza: ‘I can’t wait to start this new adventure!’

Our Summer scholarship student Luiza talks about choosing a subject, the benefits of travelling abroad, and looking forward to the summer! Hello, I’m Luiza Fernandes and this summer I will be attending Reach Cambridge’s summer program. Travelling and studying abroad was – and still is – one of my biggest dreams. Being able to reach…
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Cambridge's Mathematical Bridge

Cam-BRIDGE There are so many reasons to visit Cambridge, and the amazing architecture of Cambridge City and Cambridge University is enough alone - the whole city of Cambridge, United Kingdom...
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The Royal Wedding: Cambridge and the Royals

The British royal family has long been linked with Cambridge. Royals have founded some of Cambridge University’s colleges: Queens’ College (dually founded by two rival queens), King’s College (in honour of Henry VI), and Trinity College (after perhaps England’s most famous King, Henry VIII). Royals built the city’s most famous landmark: the construction of King’s…
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The FA Cup: Cambridge and Football

The FA Cup is one of the biggest events in the sports calendar, but did you know that its existence is all thanks to Cambridge?! Saturday May 19this a significant date in the UK calendar for a couple of big reasons. While the upcoming events will be anticipated and watched by people across the UK…
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Guest Post: Friendship Through My Eyes

To celebrate our extension of Friendship Fortnight, new 2018 student Kharanshu has written a reflective piece about the many facets of friendship, and the importance of cherishing old friends and making new ones. He’s really looking forward to making new friends in a few short weeks on our Spring program! In today’s social media driven world,…
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Fun in Trinity Hall

2017: Our Year at Reach Cambridge

It’s been a busy, exciting and inspiring year here at Reach! Highlights include our first ever spring program (read all about it in our spring daily blog posts) and our first ever 7-week summer (again – find out all about it in our summer daily blog posts). We’ve also welcomed more students from all over…
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Worldwide New Year Traditions

frieThe holiday season may be coming to an end, but there’s still plenty to celebrate as we head into 2018. From fancy feasts to smashing plates, here are just a few New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world… If you love ringing in the New Year, head to Greenland or Japan, where the celebrations…
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