Summer 2025: Apply by Saturday 31st August and Save £700
Summer 2025: Apply by 31st Aug and Save £700
Summer 2025: Apply by 31st Aug and Save £700

Program 2: Summer 2018 - Day 5

What an amazing day we’ve had!

After a very early morning but much excitement on their side, the students got onto the coaches. Little over an hour later, the students got to participate in the perfect London experience, as they travelled both days to this magnificent capital! On Saturday, the students got to choose between going to watch a Shakespeare play at the world famous Globe Theatre. The play stars a certain young man who returns to Denmark from Germany to discover quite a tragic scene. You might have guessed it already, the play was the famous Hamlet. The students stood by the stage to watch the play in true Elizabethan fashion!

To be or not to be…

The rest of the students were able to experience an amazing river cruise along the Thames all the way to Greenwich, where they got to enjoy the sunny weather in the park with its famous Observatory, the Royal National Naval Museum or the market. The evening was filled with excitement as students eagerly prepare for the World Fair, where they will get a chance to share their culture with the rest of the students. Whether it be presentations, posters or traditional dances, we cannot wait to see what creative ways students find to share their wonderful backgrounds. In the music room, students faced each other in a gaming competition. In an epic showdown of skills and wits, the gamers had the opportunity to show off their tricks and their competitiveness, all in good fun!

Game faces on

As the end of the first week approaches, everyone is looking forward to all the amazing activities and classes that next week will bring! Written by Alvaro, Supervisor