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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 1

Today was a massive day for everyone at Reach Cambridge! After a good night’s sleep, everyone woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for their first full day. A hearty group breakfast in both colleges gave students the energy they needed for their first classes. There is a huge variety of classes available at Reach, ranging from Computer science to Law, helping to give students a taste of university life. Classes started with a BANG….literally, with the Physics class launching rockets that they had made. After lessons, it was time to take the official Reach photograph at Downing College. Then the students headed into town to get lunch. This gave them the opportunity to explore the centre of town in the basking sunshine and relax whilst they refuelled before this afternoon’s activity: INSTRAVAGANZA! This consisted of groups of students competing in an Instagram scavenger hunt across Cambridge, using all of their imagination to take the most creative photos. The many pictures that were taken, including many selfies with porters, can be seen on our Instagram or under #ReachCambridge2018. Everyone knew each other – and their way around Cambridge – a lot better by the end.

Instravaganza selfie: in action!

After walking all over Cambridge on such a hot day, the students then had time for dinner and a well-deserved break, giving them a chance to relax before the evening’s activities began. To start off, we heard about the great work done by SABRE, a charity supported by Reach for over a decade. This was followed by more games to break the ice and let the students get to know one another. Favourites included the balloon races and possibly the biggest game of human bingo ever! After all the fun, students had some free tine to stock up on snacks for the busy few days ahead before signing in for the evening. The students have been able to have a taste of what they will be learning in their classes for the next few weeks and seem to be settling in nicely, making lots of new friends. If today was anything to go by, the rest of Programme 2 its going to be a huge success! Written by Miranda, Supervisor SaveSave