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Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100
Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100

Program 2: Summer 2018 - Day 12

Mock Trial

The final day of the program has finally arrived and it is a bitter sweet day. Today is the day when the Reach Cambridge journey ends for the majority of our students. However, our Director of Curriculum Monika made sure that the classes went out with a bang.  Our Biotechnology class spent their final class at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, they were treated to a guided tour of the labs, and a lecture. This was not the only class who enjoyed their final session outside of their normal classroom, as the ESL class ventured to a popular ice cream location and put their language skills to the test. The Engineering class built Heron’s fountains as a practical demonstration of principles of fluid dynamics and the Law class conducted a mock trial, complete with wigs, gowns and a gavel.

Departure Party

The afternoon was dedicated to packing and preparing for the final night party. Students dressed to impress as we put the competition aside and gathered together for the final time to enjoy dinner as one big Reach community. Dinner was followed by an incredible departure party which was planned and executed by our dedicated supervisor team. In addition to a photo slide show, and a room dedicated to the coolest tunes and the best moves, a number of other stalls were organised. Departure party attendees were spoiled for choice as they passed through the terrace where mocktails, a pick’n’mix stand and ping pong were available. Glitter tattoos, flower crowns, a casino and a photobooth were just some of the other options available. It was a spectacular affair tinged with sadness , as the students knew that this celebration marked the end of a wonderful two weeks. Many took comfort in the fact that this also signified the start of beautiful international friendships and began making plans to meet up elsewhere in the world and to return to Reach Cambridge next year. We look forward to seeing them again soon.