Apply before 29th February and save £250 on all summer programs!
Save £250 on all summer programs before 29th Feb!
Save £250 on all summer programs!
Apply before 29th February!

Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 12

So Reach Cambridge has come to an end for another year – a sad time for us all. However at Reach we like to go out with a bang, meaning the final Friday is always one of the most enjoyable yet emotional days of the program. From the events of Friday morning, you may not…
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 9

Today was a day packed with class activities! The Biotechnology students travelled to the Pharmacology Department for some hands on experience in the university environment. The English Literature students travelled to Grantchester, a small village outside of Cambridge to experience the environment in which many of the poems they had been studying was written about….
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 7

Today our Reachers dived further into the rich history of Great Britain by visiting Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of nobody less than William Shakespeare, and Warwick Castle, a massive stone fortress originally built by William the Conqueror. We made a great start by leaving right after an early breakfast, with packed lunches in our rucksacks. Our first…
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 6

It’s the weekend which, at Reach, means – excursions! Today everyone started the day just a little earlier so as to beat the traffic into London. This morning was spent split between two museums. Those interested in the arts and culture went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London’s art and design museum, home to…
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Program 3 Summer 2018: Day 5

The end of the first week of the programme – how did we get here already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun…       As we move towards the weekend and our excursions, the pace hasn’t let up today. Classes were busy running as normal this morning and into the afternoon, with…
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 4

Although the weather in Cambridge may have been grey and gloomy, Day 4 brought even more fun and educational activities for our students! Today included many stimulating classes and experiences, starting with the Business Management and Economics students, who made an exciting trip to the ‘escape room’, and learned about the art of science and…
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 3

What a busy day our Reachers had today! To start off the day, while most of our students headed into their normal classes, our Life Sciences and Medicine students were getting ready to go spend their day in London! After a quick train ride there, they headed down to visit the Association of Anaesthetists and…
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