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Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100
Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100

Program 3 Summer 2018: Day 5

The end of the first week of the programme – how did we get here already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun…       As we move towards the weekend and our excursions, the pace hasn’t let up today. Classes were busy running as normal this morning and into the afternoon, with two of our add-ons running after lunch: the emergency medicine add-on and the creative writing add-on. For those who signed up for the add-ons, they had the chance to explore these topics in more detail in small groups. For everyone else there were activities running across Downing College and Trinity Hall, from a gaming session to a still life drawing workshop – both allowed us to shelter from the rain!

Gaming Session

  The most exciting part of today was perhaps the evening activity, which saw the return of our much-anticipated Squad Wars!!! Students and staff alike contributed to gaining points for their teams – Team Fire vs Team Ice – whether through identifying famous slogans or building bridges in teams, points were there to be wonand we all know that points mean prizes! The tally is ongoing and the winning team will be announced at the end of the program –watch out for our end of program blog to find out who won!


Introduction to the Fun