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Program 3: Summer 2018 - Day 6

It’s the weekend which, at Reach, means – excursions! Today everyone started the day just a little earlier so as to beat the traffic into London. This morning was spent split between two museums. Those interested in the arts and culture went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London’s art and design museum, home to an incredible variety of exhibitions, with collections ranging from fashion and textiles to sculpture and painting. Those more into the sciences headed to the Science Museum, with its interactive exhibitions from the advance of medicine to the birth and development or aviation technology.

Science Museum

Science Museum

                  After a busy morning soaking up all that the museums had to offer, we all headed down to Knightsbridge for some retail therapy. Some students decided to explore Harrods, the world-famous department store. Whether or not you’re buying, Harrods provides a spectacle to its visitors and we certainly enjoyed marvelling at the range of things on sale in this unique shop. Others enjoyed a stroll around Hyde Park, and the chance to let off steam with some games.

Hyde Park

Afternoon Fun

Later in the day, the coaches rolled out back in the direction of Cambridge. This evening’s activities include a chance to prepare for Monday’s World Fair (where everyone will be able to present their countries and cultures to the rest of the group – keep an eye out for Monday’s blog!) as well as a ‘home cinema’ evening in Downing (for those who want to relax after walking around London) and of course sport on the paddock, for those who still have energy left to burn off. All in all, another great day. Looking forward to tomorrow, where I hear we may be travelling back in time and making new friends, of the feathered variety….