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The Spies of Cambridge

Among Cambridge students, there exists a rumour… A rumour that, one day, you may be walking about your business – perhaps down a scenic backstreet, or along the famous King’s Parade – and you may feel a discreet tap on your shoulder. What does it mean? It means, of course, that your invitation has finally…
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Cake sale in Cambridge!

Tasters FAQ

What are 'Tasters'? Reach Cambridge Taster courses, previously called 'Add-Ons', are just that: mini-courses that you Add On to your Reach Cambridge application!  Taster courses are designed to supplement and...
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UK Politics Quiz

Are you King of Knowledge? Queen of Quizzes? Monarch of Multiple Choice? Prove your UK Parliament trivia knowledge by taking the Reach Cambridge Politics Quiz!
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 12

So Reach Cambridge has come to an end for another year – a sad time for us all. However at Reach we like to go out with a bang, meaning the final Friday is always one of the most enjoyable yet emotional days of the program. From the events of Friday morning, you may not…
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 6

It’s the weekend which, at Reach, means – excursions! Today everyone started the day just a little earlier so as to beat the traffic into London. This morning was spent split between two museums. Those interested in the arts and culture went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London’s art and design museum, home to…
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Program 3 Summer 2018: Day 5

The end of the first week of the programme – how did we get here already? I guess time flies when you’re having fun…       As we move towards the weekend and our excursions, the pace hasn’t let up today. Classes were busy running as normal this morning and into the afternoon, with…
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