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Save £150 per program!
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 4

Although the weather in Cambridge may have been grey and gloomy, Day 4 brought even more fun and educational activities for our students! Today included many stimulating classes and experiences, starting with the Business Management and Economics students, who made an exciting trip to the ‘escape room’, and learned about the art of science and…
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 2

Today started with more exciting classes! Psychology students went to the escape room, it provided them with a fun and interactive way of learning about humans cope under pressure, while having a great time working out complex tasks. Meanwhile, the English Literature students made the most of the wonderful weather, and spent the morning discussing…
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Program 3: Summer 2018 – Day 0!!

The new students have arrived! This afternoon we had 103 students descend on Cambridge from all corners of the world. They joined the four students who have remained with us from program 2, ambassadors for the incredible classes, activities and community that individuals can experience at Reach Cambridge. We look forward to finding out what…
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Program 2: Summer 2018 – Day 11

The penultimate day of the program was full of some wonderful tunes and sights. Classes brought with them new and exciting opportunities to get out of the classroom. The Psychology class made their way to the escape rooms, racing against the clock and each other to gain a prize as well as overall bragging rights….
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Program 1: Summer 2018 – Day 17

Today the students were up bright and early, raring to go for some of their final classes. The engineering class began  their projects on transportation, ready to present them on our final Friday of the program. Meanwhile, the journalism and media class looked at filming on mobiles with natural light. There was even an impromptu…
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