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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Program 1: Summer 2018 - Day 11

We’re now over half way through the first summer program! Exciting times! All of our students are now settled into Cambridge and still doing a whole load of exciting activities, workshops and classes.


Like every day at Reach, today has been packed with both interesting and fun things to keep our students occupied. A highlight from the classes this morning included the Journalism class finishing the feature articles that they had been working on. They have covered recent events and stories including the catastrophe of Italy not qualifying for the World Cup, Marvel’s role in Hollywood, the Turkish Presidential elections, the Roma census and more. It all sounds very interesting and it looks like we truly have some budding journalists in our ranks! It is not just the more creative humanities students that are high flyers today. Our Physics students have been studying electronics and created an LED version of the Italian flag – see our Instagram! The Emergency Medicine add-on ran for its second day today also. The students spent the afternoon practicing A&E style medicine with top class equipment usually only accessible to paramedics. Aside from classes today, students had the opportunity to do the workshop that they didn’t do yesterday, thus they were either learning about mindfulness and happiness, or learning the most efficient methods of learning new languages. The mindfulness workshop was delivered by a practising psychologist and challenged us to question what makes us happy, and whether we can ever be truly ‘happy’.  The other workshop gave us some useful visual methods for creating our own ‘mind-palaces’ in order to learn new words in other languages. We now know, through visual association, the words for ‘goat’, ‘shrimp’ and ‘cow’ in Spanish. Both very interesting workshops! The most exciting part of today was the evening activity. It was the one we’ve all been eagerly anticipating and building up to all week………. the CHARITY AUCTION!!! We had loads of students contributing their skills to auction off, with all the money raised going to our partner charity, Sabre Education.

Charity Auction

Our amazing Community Outreach student, Sandro, presented along with veteran auctioneer Scott, and they made sure it was a superb evening enjoyed by everyone present. Some of the items up for auction included language lessons, friendship bracelets, a guided tour of the Kings College Chapel roof, and a signed Reach T-shirt! We’ll update everyone tomorrow on the exact total raised for Sabre. With today’s excitement all is now quiet on the Reach campuses and we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s World Fair and the weekend excursions to come!