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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Program 1: Summer 2018 - Day 2

Sporting Fun

Another great day at Reach Cambridge! After a filling breakfast, the students headed to another exciting dayy of classes. All of the students are really engaging in the lessons, and we are so excited to see the progress they are already making! After class, the students headed into town for lunch and more sightseeing, seizing the opportunity to keep making friends as they enjoyed meals together. These hearty meals prepared them for the afternoon’s activities. At Trinity Hall, a series of drama games and activities provided a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop and display their acting skills. The students tackled everything from acting out an interview to pretending to be chickens! Meanwhile, at Downing college, the students played a wide variety of sports while enjoying the blazing sun. Football, volleyball and ultimate frisbee were all great chances for the students to meet even more new people and make] new friends, as well as to show off their skills! On the courts, tennis and basketball proved to be great ways to practice in some smaller teams. After a much needed shower, the students headed to a delicious dinner in their colleges, followed by a really informative lecture given by members of the team about Sabre Education, our partner charity. The Sabre works with schools in rural Ghana to improve the educational opportunities for children in kindergarten.

Beautiful Cambridge

These children sometimes face serious barriers to their education, including overcrowding in classrooms, a lack of resources, and teachers who have not had formal training. Our students learned that it is particularly important that children get the best education possible at these early stages, because it is here that they lay down the foundations of their future prospects.  They haves already built 12 new schools, with the help of money from Reach.  Everyone is really excited to start fundraising, and coming up with ideas for how we can surpass previous fundraising amounts! To end our second day, we had Squad Wars (followed the screening of the World Cup – England v Columbia) penalities! This interactive quiz involved all of the students completing a variety of tasks, from identifying Reach staff from their baby photos, to putting on a fashion show using only, a well-known household necessity. The program has continued as well as it started, and we’re so excited to keep it up!