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Save £150 per program!
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Wimbledon 2014: Tennis Fever vs Football Frenzy!

When you think of sporting events happening in 2014, one thing springs to mind: The World Cup of course! But as football frenzy has swept the world, England is quietly preparing for a sporting event of its own – the annual Wimbledon tennis championships, to be held in London between 23rd June and 6th July…
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Cambridge University: founder of the modern English Literature course

In the early decades of the twentieth century, if you had asked the librarian of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, if the library had any novels, he would have looked at you, puzzled, and then said, “Novels? What are those? The things people read on trains?” It is hard to imagine Cambridge University not taking…
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Cambridge summer school: amazing architecture all around

Cambridge is consistently called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is in large part because of the breathtaking architecture – many very, very old buildings have survived and remain in use, and architectural innovation has continued right up to the present day.  Cambridge is therefore the perfect setting for an introduction to…
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Top tips for travelling to Reach Cambridge this summer!

Lyn Sanborne, School Counselor at Sewickley Academy in Pittsburgh, is bringing 10 students to Reach Cambridge in July. She wrote these top tips for traveling abroad this summer: • Pack light! You will be responsible for your own luggage and there is a lot of walking between the coach bus stop and your dorm in…
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Catholic Junior College’s tailor-made linguistics course March 2014

With only two weeks in England, we wanted to pack as much into the Catholic Junior College’s linguistics course as possible to make this an academic and cultural experience not to be missed. And on the first day, we started as we meant to go on! Our day in London began bright and early at…
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Reach Cambridge around the world: trip to Turkey

One of the greatest things about the Reach Cambridge summer programs is meeting people from all over the world. Now I work for Reach Cambridge throughout the year, I also get the chance to travel world, telling people how brilliant our residential summer schools are! My first trip was in January, and a colleague and…
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Study in Cambridge, the city of spies

A rumour exists among Cambridge students – that they may be discretely and mysteriously tapped on the shoulder during their time there, meaning they have been invited to become a spy. It’s difficult to determine if this is still true; presumably the new spies would be too secretive to let it slip. But many students…
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What’s going on in Cambridge in 2014

Cambridge is an extremely vibrant city: there is always something to do and something going on, making it the perfect place for an international study program. Whether it’s a going to a concert or the theatre, visiting the parks, museums, and colleges, or getting stuck into the local events and festivals, you can never get…
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Cambridge at Christmas: Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

We often focus our attention on Cambridge during the warmer months, and the summer school programs for high school students available. However, Cambridge is also home to a long-standing and much-loved British Christmas tradition. This will be the 95th year of the annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, which takes place every Christmas Eve…
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Cambridge Summer School: learning outside the classroom

Cambridge is known worldwide as a place of learning. Aside from traditional education within the university’s colleges, the whole city is filled with cultural experiences, including lots of museums. Have a look at our favourites, and just think – you could be visiting them next year during our summer programs. The Centre for Computing History…
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