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The Royal Family and the birth of the Prince of Cambridge

Not since the Royal Wedding two years ago has there been so much excitement, and not since the curiosity surrounding Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has there been so much speculation. From the moment it was announced that Kate was pregnant in December, all of Britain – all of the world – was talking about the Royal Baby. When was it due? Would it be a boy or a girl? What would it be called? But this magical time was particularly special in Cambridge. On their wedding day, the Queen gave Kate Middleton and Prince William a very fancy wedding gift – she made them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! The Duke and Duchess visited Cambridge for the first time only a couple of weeks before the world found out they were expecting their baby, and in the run up to the birth, their child – the future king or queen of England – was affectionately called ‘Baby Cambridge’ by the press. On July 22nd 2013, the hundreds of photographers and well-wishers who had been camping outside the St Mary’s hospital for weeks glimpsed the Duchess going inside, and later that day an announcement was placed on an easel outside Buckingham Palace, telling the world that the Duke and Duchess had had a baby boy. The world watched as the new family appeared outside the hospital the next day, Kate carefully cradling her baby and William beaming with pride before driving them all home. And on the 24th July, the baby’s name was announced – George Alexander Louis, otherwise known as Prince George of Cambridge. This has been a wonderful couple of years for the Royal family. From Kate and William’s engagement in 2010, to their Royal Wedding in 2011 as well as Prince Philip’s 90th birthday, the Jubilee in 2012 and the anniversary of the coronation this year, there has been one glorious event after another.