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Save £150 per program!
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Guest Post: Sabre Education

Every summer, Reach Cambridge students band together to raise money – and awareness – for Sabre Education, a charity that works to provide education in rural Ghana. Students involved in the Community Outreach add-on learn project management skills as they collaborate on fundraising events. Then the remaining students, plus supervisors, staff, and even the townspeople…
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Reach Friendships: A Staff Perspective

Over the last few weeks, we’ve focussed on what wonderful friendships students can make – and have made – during their time at Reach. We’ve also looked at what friendship means in a more general sense in this global, well-connected world. We thought now would be a great time, as we bring friendship fortnight to…
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Guest Post: Friendship Through My Eyes

To celebrate our extension of Friendship Fortnight, new 2018 student Kharanshu has written a reflective piece about the many facets of friendship, and the importance of cherishing old friends and making new ones. He’s really looking forward to making new friends in a few short weeks on our Spring program! In today’s social media driven world,…
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Meet the Team

Hello and welcome to Reach!! This seems like an excellent opportunity to introduce some of the fabulous Reach staff and to find out what they do during the year and...
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Fun in Trinity Hall

2017: Our Year at Reach Cambridge

It’s been a busy, exciting and inspiring year here at Reach! Highlights include our first ever spring program (read all about it in our spring daily blog posts) and our first ever 7-week summer (again – find out all about it in our summer daily blog posts). We’ve also welcomed more students from all over…
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Fete of Fun: Soak a Supervisor!

Program 1: Explorer 2017 – Day 15

The students participating in the Community Outreach Add-On got to work again today to prepare the Fête of Fun: a range of fund-raising activities for the great cause Sabre. Sabre is a small charity that works to implement specially-designed early-years education in Ghana, working with the government to shape national education policy. The Community Outreach group…
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