QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Why Learn Online with Reach?

Here at Reach we’ve been running exceptional academic residential programs in Cambridge for over fifteen years. Now we are excited to be bringing the joy, energy and inspiration of a Reach course straight to you, our students, wherever you are. Our student body has always been international and now the highly regarded Reach Cambridge learning experience can be enjoyed anywhere in the world!

“The senior leadership team is cohesive, collaborative and responsive. Teaching and learning are of a high quality, using highly qualified, experienced and engaging teachers. Programmes are well-designed to offer participants a well-rounded mix of academic and personal development opportunities. Programmes are designed to enable participants to benefit from the wider learning and development that arises from mixing with participants across a wide range of ages and cultures.”

BAC Accreditation Review Team

Online learning certainly looks different than the usual classroom experiences many students are accustomed to, but it doesn’t have to be less energising, less engaging, or less fun.  Crucially, our online sessions pair each student with the tutor best suited to their needs, making for a unique personalised learning experience. Reach Cambridge Online tuition is perfect for any student looking to bridge the gap between school and further study, to help them make a good decision about their University career or to expand their knowledge in their chosen subject. Just like our acclaimed in-person programs, Reach Cambridge Online Courses are all about asking big questions and discovering the world through the world’s leading academic disciplines. Our students often tell us that their Reach Cambridge experience was a pivotal factor in their decision to study a particular subject at a higher level. Our online courses have been designed with that feedback in mind.

“I’ve learned so much more than I could ever imagine in this course. It’s also pretty much solidified my choices for university.”

Misty, Psychology

“The tutors were really knowledgeable and answered all my questions.”

Barış, Business Management & Economics

From Physics to Politics, ESL to SAT prep and from Medicine to Law, there really is something for everyone. We also offer enrichment courses in study skills and leadership skills to further complement your academic learning journey. Visit our online courses webpage for more detail.

So, without further ado, here are the main advantages to learning online with Reach and why we hope you’ll come discover your chosen subject with us over the web:

  • Exceptional tutors: Our online tutors are carefully selected for their expertise, passion, and pedagogical skills. They are ideal teachers and teammates, dedicated to helping you discover a love of learning even while you discover a new subject and learn new theories, techniques and skills.
  • Tailored sessions: If you’ve ever felt like a class is going either too quickly or too slowly depending on your own comfort level, you’ve already had a glimpse of what makes one-to-one learning so special. You can focus your time in a way that is both useful and engaging, with a course designed especially for you!
  • Flexibility and convenience: One of the most important facets of learning from home is the ability to fit your learning around your life: We will find a mutually agreeable timetable for you and your tutor. Balance your lessons with your other hobbies and activities to make sure you never have to miss out on the things you love!
  • 100% live tuition: At Reach we believe that the interaction between a student and their tutor is paramount, so our lessons are never pre-recorded. Ask questions, ask for clarifications, share your ideas and get feedback right away.
  • Money back guarantee: Finding the right fit and the right course for you means everything, so speak with a member of our advisory team free of charge before committing and, if you’re not happy after your first academic lesson, we offer a money back guarantee. Please see our online courses terms and conditions for more information.

What are you waiting for? Find out more about what courses we offer and how you can sign up for your personalised advice session via our Online Courses webpage.