QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Meet the Team

Hello and welcome to Reach!! This seems like an excellent opportunity to introduce some of the fabulous Reach staff and to find out what they do during the year and what they love most about Reach Cambridge.

Jenny – Managing Director

What I do at Reach: I work with the year-round team to create and implement fabulous programs for students from all over the world.

Favourite thing about working for Reach: The people – the students, the staff and all those we meet along the way – it’s why I’ve been here since 2008 and can’t imagine being anywhere else! Seeing the programs take place is truly magical.

Most Memorable moment at Reach? Some of the talent shows have been very uplifting and truly memorable – the students are so talented! Visiting new places all over the world has been wonderful.

Fun Fact: I kissed the nose of a Hercules aeroplane when I was younger (not when it was in the sky!)

Monika – Academic Adviser

What I do at Reach: I make sure that our academic courses are relevant, interesting and high quality

Favourite thing about working for Reach: Meeting experts from all different disciplines!

Most Memorable moment at Reach? Seeing one of the supervisors dressed up as a ‘fairy supervisor’ with pink wings, glitter and everything to raise funds in a charity auction of promises.

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing classical guitar, decorating cookies and dreaming that I can fly.

Sam – Marketing & Program Coordinator

What I do at Reach: I direct and coordinate the Reach Study Abroad program for our adult students from USA. Carrying on with trips, staffing and other programs throughout the year.

My favourite thing about Reach: The people I work with. During the summers and throughout the year. It is such a pleasure to be part of such a positive, fun, engaging and dedicated team.

My most memorable moment: During Spring, being my first ever programme and we played team-bonding games in the evening shortly after everyone arrived and it was great to see all the students get to know and friendships start to form.

Fun fact: I was voted biggest prankster at my secondary school


Rosalind – Marketing Assistant

What I do at Reach: I help the team with marketing tasks, especially where the blog and social media are concerned.

Favourite thing about working for Reach: I love seeing students blossom in confidence as the program goes on.

Most Memorable moment at Reach? So many! But one of my most memorable moments has to be writing a song with a fellow supervisor for Reach’s 10 year anniversary. We performed it in front of all the students and I seem to recall Jenny shedding a little tear…

Fun Fact: I have an adorable Wauzer dog called Tottie (pictured!)

Precious – Marketing & Sales Coordinator

What I do at Reach: I help to create our spectacular programs. This involves thinking about how best to reach students, travelling around the world to visit them, and overseeing the groups that join us throughout the year.

Favourite thing about Reach: Seeing the difference between the many nervous faces that arrive on day one and the incredibly confident (and sometimes teary) faces that we present certificates too on the final day.

Most Memorable MomentThe summer 2015 talent show when the students did impressions of the staff. All of them were spot on, and also a little embarrassing.

Fun Fact: My younger siblings are named Treasure and Gold. It’s true!

Marie – Head of Admissions

What I do at Reach: I am the first contact for many students and their parents when they make enquiries. I also help to coordinate student arrivals in Cambridge.

Favourite thing about Reach: The flexibility of being able to work from different places in the world is great, if I want to be somewhere warm or somewhere cold I can make it happen and work at the same time.

Most Memorable Moment: Having some social time together as a team on our away days, this year we went to see Beauty and the Beast – some members of the team cried!

Fun Fact: I love Shakespeare, modern art and detective novels.

Annis – Finance Manager

What I do at Reach: I pay the bills (and the staff!), and make sure the numbers add up in the accounts.

Favourite things about Reach: Now I’ve been here for a year, it’s great to have seen the whole process through from start to finish – planning, through to the courses themselves, and then reflecting on things afterwards, and seeing how my work fits into every part of the bigger picture.

Most Memorable moment: Being surprised with a chocolate cake for my birthday – yum!

Fun Fact: I am a big fan of Agatha Christie, I have every one of her books (and I’ve read them all)!