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Summer 2019: Program 3 – Day 12

With the end of our summer program drawing close, the last couple of days are nonetheless filled with exciting classes and activities! The penultimate day of Program 3 began with breakfast, served in the students’ respective colleges. Students then headed to their classes, with a variety of interesting topics being discussed in each subject. Afternoon…
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Summer 2019: Program 2 – Day 12

Today marks the end of Program 2, but it is finishing on a high note. This final day has been made extra-special because of its cooler temperature; refreshing after the heat of the last couple of days. Even though the day is continuing with a full-on set of activities as usual, there is still time to reflect…
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Summer 2019: Program 2 – Day 6

AKA The London Exploration Day Excited faces greeted the two coaches as they pulled up outside Downing site under the ashen sky and tumbling clouds – for today was excursion day! After a couple hours on the coach, the students arrived in London and were separated into two groups depending on the activities of the…
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Summer 2019: Program 2 – Day 5

It’s Friyay! The first week flew by! We are still full of energy. For some students, the day started with an educational trip around Cambridge, to look at bridges as an example of how to construct a sturdy bridge. After having a proper look at them, they went back to the classroom and had a go…
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Summer 2019: Program 2 – Day 0

Welcome to the Reach Cambridge Summer Blog! Here you will find a written update of the day’s events, written by members of the Reach Cambridge staff. We hope it will be an enjoyable and useful resource for parents and students alike. It’s been a busy and beautiful day here in Cambridge and we have been…
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Summer 2019: Program 1 – Day 9

Today was yet another incredibly exciting and busy day for the students here at Reach Cambridge. After a fun-filled day yesterday – highlights included a thought-provoking talk about masculinity in the 21st century and a spooky ghost tour through the colleges of Cambridge – students were treated to a range of sporting and educational activities….
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Scholarship Student Audrey: words aren't enough to express how excited I am!

Hello, my name is Audrey! I got the opportunity to attend the Reach Cambridge residential study program this summer, and I don’t think words are enough to express how excited I am for what will be a very new experience in my life. I will be joining in Program 1, and for the two weeks I will be…
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Scholarship Student Maggie – it’s going to be life-changing!

Hi everyone! My name is Maggie Naylor, I am fifteen and I live in England. This year, I will be attending Reach Cambridge summer Program 1 in early July. The course I...
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The Spies of Cambridge

Among Cambridge students, there exists a rumour… A rumour that, one day, you may be walking about your business – perhaps down a scenic backstreet, or along the famous King’s Parade – and you may feel a discreet tap on your shoulder. What does it mean? It means, of course, that your invitation has finally…
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Spring 2019: Day 13

We were greeted with beautiful sunny weather during the final day of the Reach Spring Programme. The day began with a Community Outreach session which focused on educational inequality around the world. Hannah, our guest speaker from a widening participation charity called IntoUniversity, gave an extremely thought- provoking and informative workshop to the students regarding…
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