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Apply by 16th Oct and Save £450
Apply by 16th Oct and Save £450

Summer 2021: Program 2 - Day 6

It’s the end of the first week of Program 2 – how time has flown! It has been such a fun and busy week with all of the students from Program 1 and the new students meeting each other and bonding through team activities and games. Instead of their usual subject classes, today the students attended their interdisciplinary session. This included the students working on their GOAT presentations. For this task, the students worked in teams to research some of the world’s greatest innovations of all time and put together a presentation to present back to the rest of the class! Some ideas included the invention of Penicillin to the modern development of AI.

After this, they enjoyed some free time and lunch around the idyllic Cambridge city. Afternoon activities included t-shirt painting where their creative juices roamed free and a sports session on the Fitzwilliam sports ground with some competitive games. We then had dinner back at Fitzwilliam College and some evening activities. This evening, another Reach Cambridge Quiz was attended by the students and the supervisors. With supervisor baby photo rounds and music rounds, the quiz spoke to many different skillsets, and it was so hotly contested that one team won by 0.5 points! Afterwards, some rounds of competitive card games took place on Tree Court, just before settling down for curfew at 10pm.