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Summer 2021 - Program 2 - Highlights

The remainder of Program 2 went by in a flash! The students continued their exciting classes, with a range of practical and dynamic sessions. Students in Maths and Engineering banded together to form teams and each tried to create the most all-terrain appropriate vehicle out of K’nex blocks. The Biotechnology students conducted experiments where they grafted strands of DNA code from strawberries. The Physics class even conducted an experiment on particle physics using a pool table and balls!

Creating the perfect all-terrain vehicle!

The excursions for Program 2 were also a great success, with students heading into London for a full walking tour of the most historic sites of the city. From Big Ben to the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace, the students left no stone unturned in their search for iconic sights – and great Instagram photo shots! The academic excursion for this program was a trip to the Science Museum, where students were asked to find exhibits related to their “greatest innovation of all time” project, which they presented on at the end of the program. After that, the group were given time to visit shops around the area, including Harrods, one of the most famous and iconic stores in the UK.

Finally, the activities for Program 2 were, for many, the highlight of the program. From regular sports on Fitzwilliam College’s open fields, to the flourishing of artistic talents in t-shirt painting and arts and crafts, there was truly something for everyone. Major highlights of the program included two very competitive but very fun international quizzes, a World Fair in which students did presentations on their countries – discussing everything from food in France to ‘gators in Florida, and a terrifying Ghost Tour, where students were exposed to the supernatural side of Cambridge city centre.

All in all, it was a fantastic end to a wonderful program, brought together with a very moving final evening with a photo slideshow of the many highlights of the two weeks. It’s been incredible to see these students grow in confidence and independence while they’ve been with us, and we’re sure they all have bright futures ahead of them!