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Summer 2019: Program 3 - Day 9

We rolled into Week Two here at Reach with some much needed rest after a memorable weekend of culture, retail and exploration! Students were treated to a much-deserved lie-in to recharge and refuel ready for another packed schedule in the second half. With some free time in the morning before classes taking place in the afternoon, they took a break from the usual college breakfast banquet to explore what other culinary delights Cambridge had to offer.

It is so warming to chat to the students after their classes and get a sense of the mind-expanding impact this academically stimulating experience is having on them. – Guy, Supervisor

The meeting of Morning Running Club; now that’s dedication!

The added rest and regained energy set the students up to dive in to week two of classes, and some exciting learning was on offer to restart the academic buzz. The Medicine class never shies away from the hard-hitting topics and today was no exception; they learned the recommended procedure for a range of emergencies, including how to save someone with a punctured lung! The Physics students were gripped by an ever-popular session on Cosmology: they considered the four fundamental forces of nature, from microscopic to cosmological length scales, and how between them they form the world around us. It is so warming to chat to the students after their classes and get a sense of the mind-expanding impact this academically stimulating experience is having on them.
Our very own dean, Julie, took to the stage to share her wisdom in the evening lecture slot with the title ‘Snowflake’ building much anticipation. We got a glimpse of the fascinating life she has lead within the empowering and uplifting frame of individuality and belonging. She made us question the different ways in which we seek to belong, and the importance belonging has in our lives. We too often look to conform, reform, or perform in order to fit into different groups, when we should value and cherish our own individual identities in order to find the most meaningful connections; the most meaningful sense of belonging.
Invigorated by their fresh perspectives, the students tucked into an evening activity selection of Lip-Sync Battle and Arts and Crafts. Queen, High School Musical and Michael Jackson were all on the set list as students channeled their inner rockstar to unleash their early-week energy. A great turnout and heaps of enthusiasm made for yet another memorable installment. Next door the artists were at work getting their final designs in before the looming Post Card Competition deadline tomorrow night. Never does the creativity of these wonderful students fail to bewilder us, and this cohort did not disappoint; it will certainly be quite a task for the judges to choose a winner!

Learning is deepening, relations are strengthening, and emotions are intensifying; suddenly the students register we are beyond half way and they’ll be in the departure lounge before they realise. There is so much excitement still to come in the closing days, and we all can’t wait to make it the best it can be.

Written by Guy

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