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Summer 2019: Program 3 - Day 6

Friday means the final day of classes for week one, ahead a big weekend of excursions. As usual, the schedule was full of interesting classes, with a particular highlight being the dissection of a sheep lung for the Medicine class. This gave the students a chance to get a hands-on look at the anatomy and function of the organ, and discuss the diseases and trauma that can effect it.  Amongst other things, they modelled a pneumothorax and the effects of COPD.
After some free time for lunch, students enjoyed punting on the river. The sun was shining as we loaded onto the punts for an afternoon of quintessential Cambridge activity. Always good fun, the students got really involved and even had a go themselves. While the results were mixed, everyone had fun and a trip to Cambridge wouldn’t be complete without some punting!

Dinner today was eaten as a corridor. This was a relaxed evening, with some corridors going out to a restaurant and others having take-out pizzas. Everyone had great fun with lots of bonding as a corridor and fun in the sun.
Full of good food, we moved to the Engineering department for a lecture. Tonight the topic was ‘The invisible city of Venice’. This provided a fascinating insight into the reciprocal relationship between a city and its people, and how architecture should frame human life. This was further developed by looking into the past and future of Venice with respect to the idea that the idea of the city has outgrown the reality. Is Venice simply becoming a theme park for visitors rather than a functioning city for inhabitants?

Pizza party in Trinity Hall!

Off the back of this interesting lecture, the students returned to Trinity Hall for our evening activities to finish the day. On offer tonight was karaoke, board games and casino. Karaoke provided some hilarious entertainment and gave the students a chance to show off their vocal skills (as well as their fancy dress abilities!). It was great to see the enthusiasm and support. Board games and casino also offered some light relief and friendly competition. We went to bed excited for a weekend of excursions.
Written by Clare

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