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Summer 2019: Program 3 - Day 7

The students awoke to beautiful sunny skies in Cambridge, a great omen for the adventure ahead! After grabbing a packed breakfast, the students hopped on the coach to begin their journey to the London museums. When the coaches had delivered all the students to the Royal Albert Hall, they took some sweet selfies and headed to the first stop on the museum meander – the Science Museum! This awesome museum boasted many interactive events to encourage the students to think about things in analytical ways. There was a virtual city planner exhibit in the ‘Engineer Your Future‘ section, which urged students to consider things like energy sources, telephone signal and public transport systems when designing their own communities. Students also learned about the most contemporary achievements of modern biological science in the ‘Who Am I‘ section, where they were given an in-depth look into cell duplication and the possibilities of future medicines. When the students were all ‘science-d out’ and their brains overflowing with chemical equations and engineering knowledge, they were taken for a rejuvenating lunch break in the South Kensington area. Near to the picturesque Hyde Park, there was a plethora of places for students to grab a bite to eat, and to take a break from the hustle and bustle of roaming the museums.

Arch-rivals? Nope, best friends!

With their bellies filled and brains recharged, the students headed back to the museums, where they were given the choice to return to the Science Museum to look at anything they missed in the morning, or to go onward to the Victoria and Albert art & design museum. Apart from the staunchest scientists, most of the group decided to explore new territory. Boasting a vast collection of art from a wonderfully broad range of times and cultures, the V&A treated the students to a feast of colours and styles – hopefully this will serve as inspiration for the Reach postcard competition soon! Thoroughly museum-satisfied, the students got back on the coaches to Cambridge, where they were able to enjoy dinner in one of the many delicious restaurants in the centre of town, before having the choice between a Movie Night (screening the teen-hit, Divergent) or a night of card and board games. After a long and exciting day, the Reach P3 crew are ready for a good night’s rest, before heading to ‘the Other Place‘ tomorrow! Written by Luke    

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