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Community Outreach

Spring Program: Day 11

Another amazing day in Cambridge for all of us! The morning started off with a scrumptious traditional cooked breakfast at Cote Brasserie followed by a great Community Outreach session run by Katie from Sabre ( a charity dedicated to building a brighter future for school children in Ghana. We have worked with Sabre for many…
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Work hard, play hard!

Spring Program: Day 3

After a hearty breakfast at Reach Hall, the students were excited to start their first full subject-specific day. Subjects on offer included Law, Psychology, Maths, Medical Sciences & Chemistry, Physics & Engineering and Politics & International Relations. The teachers were ready and raring to go and had created some fantastic materials for their University-style teaching…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 11

The theme of today has definitely been international diversity. Following classes in the morning, lots of students began preparation for the ‘World Fair’. This will be held on Friday evening, and is a chance for everybody to get into groups and teach everyone else what is special about their country. We are lucky to have…
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Student Tim looks forward to Reach Cambridge 2016

Ever since I was a little kid growing up in a small town on the east end of Slovakia, my grandmother – a confectioner in a local candy-store and an enthusiast of literature – has been fond of telling me about universities like Cambridge described in Jeffrey Archer’s books. “Tim, you must go to Cambridge…
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Reach Cambridge 2015: Kiara’s experience

In this blog, Kiara looks back at her time in Cambridge on our 2015 summer program: Spending three weeks living in Cambridge with Reach was undoubtedly one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had, and one that even months on I’m still reeling from. First and foremost, Cambridge is an unbelievably beautiful historical city….
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 3

Monday marked the start of classes and of the academic program here in Cambridge for the Reach students. The first week entails the Global Leaders program to follow on from the previous evenings lecture. Half of the group undertook a morning session regarding the role of leadership within economics, whilst the others focussed upon community…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 1

Today we welcomed a new group of students from all over the world to our August program. It’s slightly different from July – the first week is the Global Leaders course, followed by two weeks of subject-specific classes. So what can the news students expect from the Global Leaders week? We will be going on…
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 2

After a smooth and exciting Arrival Day, most of the students were glad of an early night and a chance to relax before classes began this morning.  The classes, ranging from English and Performing Arts to Life Sciences and Medicine, ran until lunchtime, when the students had the opportunity to find themselves something yummy from…
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