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5 Tips for Learning Online

Making the switch to online learning can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be any more difficult or less enjoyable than learning face-to-face! Here are 5 things you can...
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5 Reasons To visit Cambridge in 2020

The world famous University City of Cambridge is over 800 years old. In fact, 2019 marks the 810th year anniversary of the famous, historic University of Cambridge. This blog outlines...
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The Spies of Cambridge

Among Cambridge students, there exists a rumour… A rumour that, one day, you may be walking about your business – perhaps down a scenic backstreet, or along the famous King’s Parade – and you may feel a discreet tap on your shoulder. What does it mean? It means, of course, that your invitation has finally…
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See The World in Cambridge

An International City Initially founded by the Romans, Saxons and then the Vikings, the roots of Cambridge spread far and wide across the globe, and have never stopped reaching.  It goes...
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Cambridge's Mathematical Bridge

Cam-BRIDGE There are so many reasons to visit Cambridge, and the amazing architecture of Cambridge City and Cambridge University is enough alone - the whole city of Cambridge, United Kingdom...
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Guest Post: Poppy Looks Forward to a Reach Summer!

Today’s guest post is written by another of our scholarship winners, Poppy, who is joining Reach Cambridge in Program 3. How does she feel about making friends in a brand new environment? Read on to find out! Friendship to me goes beyond words. I can try all I like, but my words can’t emphasise enough…
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Guest Post: Sabre Education

Every summer, Reach Cambridge students band together to raise money – and awareness – for Sabre Education, a charity that works to provide education in rural Ghana. Students involved in the Community Outreach add-on learn project management skills as they collaborate on fundraising events. Then the remaining students, plus supervisors, staff, and even the townspeople…
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The FA Cup: Cambridge and Football

The FA Cup is one of the biggest events in the sports calendar, but did you know that its existence is all thanks to Cambridge?! Saturday May 19this a significant date in the UK calendar for a couple of big reasons. While the upcoming events will be anticipated and watched by people across the UK…
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Reach Friendships: A Staff Perspective

Over the last few weeks, we’ve focussed on what wonderful friendships students can make – and have made – during their time at Reach. We’ve also looked at what friendship means in a more general sense in this global, well-connected world. We thought now would be a great time, as we bring friendship fortnight to…
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