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QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
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5 Reasons to Visit Cambridge

The world famous University City of Cambridge is over 800 years old. In fact, 2019 marks the 810th year anniversary of the famous, historic University of Cambridge.

This blog outlines some of the highlights of the city and why it makes such a perfect backdrop for our spring and summer programs.

It still seems like a while until summer doesn’t it? But it is never too early to think ahead. Deciding what to do or where to spend a substantial summer can be a tricky question to answer with all the opportunities available out there.

Check out a bunch of key reasons below as to why Cambridge should be the top summer study destination.

1. Experience the city vibe – Small, student-friendly & safe

With a population of 129,000 people, of which 25,000 are students (1), Cambridge is a small, safe and friendly student city in the UK. There is always a huge amount going on to welcome and entertain visitors from all over the world. The city centre is very compact and most shops, cafes, colleges and attractions are within walking distance, making it an enjoyable and convenient experience to explore the city.

With the peaceful surroundings and a good community, it is one of the safest cities to live in (2)! This means that it’s a perfect place for our students to taste independence within a secure and supervised environment. This aspect of the program was a particular boon for Eloise, who attended one of our programs this summer:

 ‘It was also nice having my independence: going to lunch with my friends everyday, and exploring the amazing town that is Cambridge with them. On the academic side of things, I loved my course, journalism and media. My favourite thing was interviewing people in the streets: it really made me step out of my comfort zone. I would recommend this program to everyone. It changed me as a person, and I created some great memories. Cambridge will always hold a special place in my heart.’

                                                November, 2019

2. Indulge in rich academic history

Some of the world’s leading minds have studied in Cambridge and the city boasts timely reminders of the important discoveries, alumni and events that have happened over its long history. For example, outside of Trinity College, the Commemorative Apple Tree marks the discovery of gravity by Sir Isaac Newton. You can find the famous Corpus Clock outside Taylor library, founded by John C. Taylor and unveiled by Stephen Hawking in 2008!

3. Punt on the River Cam

Flowing through the city is the River Cam (hence the name, Cam-Bridge). Punting is an absolutely quintessential Cambridge experience – and you’ve got 64km of fully navigable river to explore! Passing by the Colleges and appreciating the architecture (such as the famous Mathematical Bridge), seeing Cambridge rowers in training, and learning about Cambridge with an entertaining tour guide is a fun and relaxing experience to have with a bunch of new friends!

4. Be part of an International Community

Cambridge is a truly international city, welcoming foreign students, tourists and travellers every year, which in turn constantly enriches the local culture. This means there is an opportunity for meeting new people and making friends from all over the world. The city restaurants have a good mix of international cuisines such as Korean, Chinese, Turkish or Mexican food for everyone to try! Whilst on a Reach Cambridge program, students have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the English language whilst studying an academic subject; making international friends for life and gaining new perspectives.

5. Explore the Cambridge Market

The Cambridge daily outdoor Market is situated in the historic Market Square. For many, it constitutes the heart of the city, having been in operation since the Saxon times (3). It offers a range of local and international food ranging from freshly made Spanish paella to Chinese dumplings or local burgers! There are also a range of books, music, clothes and jewellery to check out – truly something for everyone (and plenty of great souvenir options!).


There are many more reasons to stay in Cambridge next summer and join the Reach Cambridge summer program. As well as appreciating the historic city, being on the program means students experience learning at university-level through lectures and workshops. Plus there are loads of extra-curricular activities to take part in, such as excursions, sports, arts & crafts! This is perfect for young people looking to gain independence, satisfy their academic curiosity and make friends for life.


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Want more reasons to visit this amazing city? Learn more about the international legacy of Cambridge