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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 19

And so we have reached the final day of the Reach Cambridge July 2016 program – how has time flown by so fast? It was a characteristically full day, including the last day of classes, lots of packing, and the much-anticipated Departure Party! The event’s theme was ‘Dress to Impress’ and the group did not disappoint, all…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 18

14th July 2016 – what a day for Reach Cambridge! Any notion that things would slow down for the final few days of the program were quickly eradicated this morning, as another packed day was unfurled to the students by the ever-wonderful supervisors. Afternoon activities consisted of a zesty Zumba lesson by Precious as the angelic sounds of…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 17

Today the students experienced two of the highlights of any Reach Cambridge program: Sabre Day and the ghost tour! The Community Outreach student team have been working alongside the wider student body to raise money and awareness for our partner charity, Sabre, who are helping to build a brighter future for school children in Ghana. There have been…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 16

With just a few days left of the Reach Cambridge July program, we’re making sure to pack in as many fun, interesting activities as possible. After classes today, many of the students had mock interviews, a useful way to experience what university applications may involve. As always, the supervisors who conducted the interviews were incredibly…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 15

After a fun and very full weekend, during which everyone enjoyed the Fete of Fun and an excursion to London, the students were given a well deserved lie-in, with classes starting slightly later than usual. At noon, the Physics and Engineering class were taken on a trip to the Department of Engineering. Whilst there, they…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 14

Today was the last excursion of the program, so all of the students travelled to London one final time. The group split into two trips – some of the students visited Greenwich, before taking a cruise down the River Thames and exploring the Southbank, while the others spent the morning in Tate Modern and the afternoon…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 12

It was another fun and fulfilling day at Reach Cambridge. The Economics class played an Economics-themed game that included students taking on different roles that included a banker, firm and household. The idea of the game was to teach the students how mortgages function in an interactive and hands-on way. Meanwhile, some students in the…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 11

The theme of today has definitely been international diversity. Following classes in the morning, lots of students began preparation for the ‘World Fair’. This will be held on Friday evening, and is a chance for everybody to get into groups and teach everyone else what is special about their country. We are lucky to have…
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Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 10

Wednesday marked the halfway point in our three weeks here at Cambridge, and what an amazing time we’ve had already! From art to architecture, sport to Spanish and everything in between, our students have been anything but bored, and have been making the most of exploring the historic city. This afternoon, the Leadership team had…
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