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Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100
Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100

Reach Cambridge July 2016: Day 17

Today the students experienced two of the highlights of any Reach Cambridge program: Sabre Day and the ghost tour! The Community Outreach student team have been working alongside the wider student body to raise money and awareness for our partner charity, Sabre, who are helping to build a brighter future for school children in Ghana. There have been a range of activities throughout the July program in support of Sabre, from the charity auction to the Fete of Fun, and Sabre Day is the final fun event!

The Day takes place in Cambridge city centre, where the students set up face painting and a raffle, and sold cupcakes they had imaginatively decorated using the colours of the Ghanaian flag. The real highlight, though, is One-drum, an ensemble of endlessly enthusiastic, energetic African drummers. Aside from offering a brilliant soundtrack that got everyone moving, they gave students and the public alike a chance to join in and have a go at drumming, as well as getting them involved in amazing tricks: at one point, one of our students was balancing three huge metal bowls, two spinning on sticks in each hand and one carefully placed on her head! We got the whole city dancing when the drummers and students paraded through the streets – it was great that such a fun day resulted in £300 being raised for Sabre!

In the evening was the Ghost Tour, a spooky trip around Cambridge hearing the ghost stories associated with different sites. With so many ancient buildings (the university itself is over 800 years old!) there are a lot of silly, scary tales, and Ros (Pastoral Care Lead) and Scott (Head Supervisor) did a great job selecting and telling the most entertaining. They weren’t alone though – there were some ghoulish cameos from ghosts who enjoyed throwing marshmallows and firing water pistols… Tomorrow marks another Reach Cambridge favourite – the Talent Show – and it’s great to hear the colleges coming alive with the sound of students practicing!

Written by Flossie, Director of Operations