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QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
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What Makes Reach Cambridge Unique?

As a centre of learning and excellence, populated by fascinating academics and beautiful historical buildings, it’s no wonder that Cambridge is a popular destination for international summer schools. Because of this, a question we are often asked is: What makes Reach Cambridge unique? As we prepare to meet our first cohort of students next week, we thought we would take a moment to reflect on why we believe the Reach Cambridge experience is unlike any other. We like to think there is no one thing that makes Reach ‘Reach’; rather, it is the special blend of the areas in which we excel which culminate to make the Reach Cambridge experience an unforgettable one. Whilst our three programs have distinct characters (reflected in their different titles: ‘Explorer’, ‘Leader’ and ‘Scholar’), the five factors described below are all guaranteed in any Reach Cambridge experience. This means that, no matter which program you attend, you can expect academic excellence, university enrichment, enjoyable activities, fantastic excursions, and a thoroughly international experience. Let’s take a look at these in more detail…  

University Enrichment

Students outside St John’s College

Every year, we are told time and time again that one of the biggest highlights of students’ time with us is the ability to experience life as a real university student. During your time with us, you will stay in a quintessential Cambridge college, attending class in university facilities and enjoying free time in one of the UK’s most historic cities. The Cambridge college system is a real privilege to experience, and provides historicity, decadence and homely comfort. At Reach, not only do you get a sense of British university systems, you get to do it in one of the oldest universities in the WORLD! 


Academic Excellence

Hands-on learning in University labs

Some of society’s greatest minds went to Cambridge, walked its streets and came up with some of their now-famous theories in its social hubs. This legacy continues each year, as hundreds of students continually descend on the city to partake of that esteemed academic tradition. As a Reach student, you can too! We employ some of the best minds in the UK to impart their specialist knowledge and love of their subject to our students. This helps students grow their curiosity, expand their capabilities, and develop a firm grasp of theories, concepts and practical knowledge. We are proud to offer a wide range of subjects, encompassing sciences and humanities. There is even the opportunity to change disciplines between programs if you are coming for more than one program.  

Extracurricular Activities

Students enjoy a game of Ultimate Frisbee!

It is our privilege to enable students to develop themselves beyond excellent academics. After all, the University of Cambridge not only boasts some of the world’s greatest minds but also some of its greatest actors and athletes! At Reach, we put on a range of activities to provide our students with the full university experience, ranging from sport to the arts and community outreach. These enjoyable activities are mostly run by our supervisory team, made up of current and recent university students, who know the importance of balancing hard work with fun! We also offer students the opportunity to think beyond themselves by doing charitable work, helping to raise funds to provide educational opportunities in rural Ghana. This is yet another important part of the Reach Cambridge experience, which cares about developing the student as a whole person, broadening their horizons and encouraging them to think about the change they could make in the world. How could you not leave empowered to be an even better version of yourself?

Putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising

Fantastic Excursions

In addition to stepping beyond their personal boundaries, we also take students beyond the geographical boundaries of Cambridge. We make it a priority to allow our students to explore the many delights that the UK has to offer. There is the possibility of continuing the historic theme by visiting Stratford-upon-Avon, home of the bard himself – William Shakespeare – or to the dynamic heart of London, where the legacies of natural history, modern science and art live side by side. Other excursions have included Brighton, Oxford and Warwick Castle. Students love the opportunity to see the different sights and enjoy experiencing more of the history of the UK, whether that is through wandering castle grounds, exploring museums, or walking along the seaside promenade with an ice cream in hand!

Students jump for joy at the British seaside!

International Experience

We have students from a fantastic mix of countries joining us for our many programs (at our last count, we had over 50 countries represented). This gives our students the chance to build friendships with people they might never have met without Reach Cambridge to bring them together. We love making it happen! A Reach Cambridge experience is all about expanding your horizons and equipping you for the next step towards university living and learning. We make it our business to make sure that our students get a truly transformational experience. Program 1 is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to apply for Program 2 or 3! Places are limited though, so don’t delay. Explore our website, book a call or email info@reachcambridge.com to discuss how we can make the summer of 2017 one that you never forget!

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