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Beach fun at Brighton!

Supervisors on Brighton Beach!

Supervisors on Brighton Beach!

On Saturday the 6th of July, Reach Cambridge students were enthused to hear that they would be visiting Brighton, often referred to as London-By-The-Sea. Visitors can escape city life and take a break on its pebbly shores, as well as experiencing unforgettable adrenaline rushes on the roller coasters at the legendary Pier. Reach Cambridge students did a mixture of both things, and also found pleasure in simply walking around in the sunshine or eating at the various stalls scattered along the Pier. After a coach ride of around two and a half hours, the students set sight on the towering
Reach students on Brighton's famous pier

Reach students on Brighton’s famous pier

Ferris wheel overshadowing the beach. Lunches were distributed and supervisors granted the students free time to explore. Soon after, everyone gathered around the meeting point and headed to the Royal Pavilion, a building of impressive beauty and elegance. Audio guides provided students with fascinating information, bringing each room in the building to life. After a long, tiring, but definitely fulfilling day, students and supervisors were sad to leave Brighton behind and excited to experience more in their individual colleges and in Cambridge!