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Guest Post: University Advance Add-On

Today’s post was written by Emily, a Reach Cambridge supervisor veteran, who has led University Advance trips in previous summers. Whilst she studied at Cambridge, she hails from Oxford, which makes her a very balanced umpire in the faux-rivalry between the two old university cities… One of the many appealing features of Reach Cambridge is the chance to learn more about university life in England. The University Advance Add-On gives students the opportunity to visit universities in London and Oxford and to ask the tour guides (often current students at the universities) any questions they might have. For example, students who visited Oxford in the past have attended subject-specific talks and explored multiple colleges, whilst those who visited London have received full campus tours of University College London, King’s College London and/or Imperial College.

Why visit other universities when I have the opportunity to see so much of Cambridge?

Whilst Cambridge offers many subjects and opportunities, it does not offer them all, and visiting other universities may draw your attention to a subject that you have never even heard of before. For example, did you know that you can study Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial? Many didn’t before they visited!

Imperial College London
photo credit: Binayak Dasgupta (available under CC licence 2.0)

Even if you think you know what you’re set on in terms of what you want to study or where you want to attend university, it doesn’t hurt to look at other options… Plus both Cambridge and London are beautiful, quintessentially ‘English’ cities to visit, with a rich history and prestigious academic background.

If I don’t want to apply to university in England, what’s the point of going on University Advance?

Applying for university in England is not a prerequisite for signing up to University Advance. As well as giving students a broad sense of university life, the trips allow individuals to find out more about subjects that interest them and to ask any questions about applying for those subjects.

Won’t I miss a lot of lessons if I go on the trips?

Each visit to London and Oxford lasts a day. Teachers at Reach Cambridge readily accommodate for this and ensure to catch up any students that have opted for University Advance. So what are your waiting for? Apply today, and don’t forget to check the ‘University Advance’ add-on when you make your application!

University Advance students outside the Bodleian library in Oxford