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Find out more about Community Outreach – students’ blog

Want to find out what the Community Outreach Program is really about? What activities and projects you could get involved in and who they might benefit? Have a look at this wonderful Cambridge Reaches Out to Ghana – a blog started by the 2010 group of Reach Cambridge students that were involved in the Community…
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International Women’s Day in Cambridge

Earlier this month, women all over the UK came together to celebrate International Women’s Day (8th March 2011).  This day raises the profile of women’s issues, celebrates achievements by great women across the ages and highlights the role of women in education. At Reach Cambridge we are keen to promote equal educational rights for male…
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Reach Cambridge Global

We are often asked ‘where do the majority of your students come from?’ This year, there are students from over 40 countries signed up to Reach Cambridge! That’s over 1/4 of the World! What’s more, with our new feature ‘Reach Global’, you can see a map showing where in the world our latest applicants come…
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