New website discount! If you apply before 10th February you'll save £100 per program!
Save £100 per program! Apply before 10th February!
Save £100 per program!
Apply before 10th February!

Scholarship Student Audrey: words aren't enough to express how excited I am!

Hello, my name is Audrey! I got the opportunity to attend the Reach Cambridge residential study program this summer, and I don’t think words are enough to express how excited I am for what will be a very new experience in my life. I will be joining in Program 1, and for the two weeks I will be…
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Scholarship Student Maggie – it’s going to be life-changing!

Hi everyone! My name is Maggie Naylor, I am fifteen and I live in England. This year, I will be attending Reach Cambridge summer Program 1 in early July. The course I...
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Scholarship Student Luiza: ‘I can’t wait to start this new adventure!’

Our Summer scholarship student Luiza talks about choosing a subject, the benefits of travelling abroad, and looking forward to the summer! Hello, I’m Luiza Fernandes and this summer I will be attending Reach Cambridge’s summer program. Travelling and studying abroad was – and still is – one of my biggest dreams. Being able to reach…
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Zazu’s Story – ‘Reach was the best decision of my life’

We were delighted to receive this wonderful message from Zazu, from Indonesia (Class of 2017). We couldn't be happier to hear the difference that attending Reach Cambridge summer program made...
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FAQ: Refer a Friend Special Promotion (18th – 31st March)

From Monday 18th – Sunday 31st March 2019, Reach Cambridge is TRIPLING the Refer a Friend discount! The usual ‘Refer a Friend’ discount of £100 applies year-round and allows two applicants to each save £100 when they quote this discount. BUT over the next two weeks, both applicants will save £300 when they apply and…
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See The World in Cambridge

An International City Initially founded by the Romans, Saxons and then the Vikings, the roots of Cambridge spread far and wide across the globe, and have never stopped reaching.  It goes...
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Where Are They Now?: ‘Reach prepared me for university life'

Beatriz is a Reach Cambridge Alumna 2014. She is now studying at a top-ranking UK university. Her story is especially worth reading for anyone who isn’t sure yet what subject they want to devote their time to studying… What to Study? Four summers ago I attended Reach Cambridge, where I studied Psychology for three weeks….
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Where Are They Now?: 'Reach Cambridge was the perfect place to be'

Continuing our ‘Where are Reach Cambridge alumni now’ series, we hear from Tim, now a student of Philosophy and Economics at the University of Manchester, one of the UK’s top universities.  Tim’s life after Reach Cambridge I joined Reach Cambridge on full scholarship as a student of a German Gymnasium in the summer of 2016,…
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