Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now
Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now
Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now

Scholarship Student Audrey: words aren't enough to express how excited I am!

Hello, my name is Audrey! I got the opportunity to attend the Reach Cambridge residential study program this summer, and I don’t think words are enough to express how excited I am for what will be a very new experience in my life. I will be joining in Program 1, and for the two weeks I will be taking Engineering. It has become my dream to pursue a degree, and later on a career, in this field.
Audrey smiles at the camera. She is wearing a striped top and a black pinafore dress.

Scholarship student Audrey

Upon finding out about Reach Cambridge, I knew that this program was exactly what I needed to help me and give me a boost towards my goal. I was aware that in order to be good at engineering, I would need to have a good foundation. I believe that Reach Cambridge can help me establish the solid foundation I need and can give me an idea of what engineering is like at university level so I can prepare myself. Engineering is a subject that calls for theoretical knowledge, but also has a strong emphasis on the practical aspect of it. Based on what I saw in Reach Cambridge’s Instagram page, I think that Reach provides a good balance between the theory and the more practical, hands-on work.
A group of students punting on the River Cam. One student stands at the back of the punt holding a pole. The others are sat in the boat, waving at the camera.

Audrey’s excited to go punting!

The international aspect of Reach Cambridge is also very interesting to me. I live 11,800 kilometers away from the UK, which means that I will be studying in a very new, very foreign environment. In the future I wish to study abroad for university, and my time at Reach will definitely help me gain the independence, confidence, and courage I need. Every year students from different countries gather in Reach Cambridge. I believe that studying with an international cohort would be beneficial as it allows me to be more socially aware and build empathy. It allows me to gain confidence to talk to new people and connect with them, learn more about their backgrounds and culture that they grew up in.

I believe that Reach Cambridge can help me establish the solid foundation I need.

Cambridge is also a very beautiful city. There will be new sights for me to see, and I can’t wait to study in such a picturesque environment. I am looking forward to strolling around the city with the friends I will be making, taking pictures in front of the buildings and rivers, go punting, and enjoy this city I’ve never been to before. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to embark on this learning journey together with Reach Cambridge!