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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 20

Today brought a change from the normal routine of class; it was time for academic excursions! After breakfast, we all headed off on coaches to various London locations. I joined the Physics class, which, along with other science classes, spent the day perusing the Science Museum and Natural History Museum. Each class had been set various…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 19

Sadly, the days of Reach Cambridge 2015 are numbered and preliminary efforts have been made to sift through the piles of paper, board games, sporting equipment and art materials that have been accumulating in the Reach offices. However, despite this solemn backdrop of tidying and packing, an extravaganza of young talent has been unfurling in…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 18

Here at Reach Cambridge, we want to make sure that students experience a challenging but fun academic environment. Lessons are delivered in an interactive and student-centred manner, as opposed to just through lecturing, and one part of this is arranging activities and taking students on excursions related to the subject they are studying. So today, the…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 17

Another exhilarating day at Reach Cambridge. Another evening packed full with learning and fun. We’ve all had a weekend exploring the further sights of the UK, but Monday morning was a welcome return to the routine of lessons and activities. A highlight of the day was the evening lecture on Education which made us all…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 16

After an enjoyable day in Oxford,  on Sunday the students tapped into their energy reserves for another great day out. This time, we were heading to Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick Castle.  A small, but bustling town in the English Midlands, Stratford-upon-Avon  is famed for being the birthplace of the great William Shakespeare. Some of the students…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 15

The excursion today had everyone in an excited mood – we were going to Blenheim Palace and the Other Place a.k.a Oxford! A fairly long bus journey made sure that all of us caught up on our sleep and were energetic and raring to go when we reached Blenheim Palace. There, some of us decided…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 14

We’re just over half way through the August program and it’s been another cracking day at Reach Cambridge. Having spent yesterday evening decorating cakes with Ghana flags and making signs for a variety of stalls, today was finally time for the Fete of Fundraising! First, though, it was time for class and a few interesting…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 13

So on to Thursday and a continuation of academic subject courses. The economics class enjoyed a guided tour of the Cambridge Fitzwilliam Museum where they observed artefacts such as Egyptian mummies and Medieval European armour. Meanwhile, the students studying English as a Second Language experienced a variation of regional British accents courtesy of the supervisors!…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 12

Today the Reach students continued to enjoy their academic classes. Some of the highlights included a visit to Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam museum in International History and medical case study presentations in chemistry and Medical Sciences. At lunchtime the Global leaders students had an opportunity to further their plans for the SABRE charity event. This will be…
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Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 11

Today and yesterday, lessons continued but classes were each allotted time to go out into Cambridge. They were given tours of the city centre via foot, and then via punt, offering a glimpse inside the colleges from The Backs. Everyone was very well-dressed today as we also had the Reach photo, a huge picture of everyone…
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