Summer 2022 - apply by 30th November and save £350
Summer 2022 - apply by 30th November and save £350
Summer 2022
Apply by 30th November and save £350

Reach Cambridge August 2015: Day 20

Today brought a change from the normal routine of class; it was time for academic excursions! After breakfast, we all headed off on coaches to various London locations. I joined the Physics class, which, along with other science classes, spent the day perusing the Science Museum and Natural History Museum. Each class had been set various assignments to work on while exploring, so on arrival the students rushed off, map in hand, to pursue their projects.  I followed some physics students to the ‘Flight’ section of the museum while they researched for their aerodynamics presentation. Meanwhile the budding medics congregated in the ‘Who am I?’ exhibit. The Natural History Museum was of great interest to the students; the iconic cast of ‘Dippy’ the dinosaur in the entrance hall never fails to impress and inspire a photo or two. In another part of London, the creatively-inclined English Literature and ESL students spent their morning viewing the stunning art in the Tate Modern, while the historians were given an informative tour of Borough Market, which predates 1014 – so plenty of history to catch up on! In the afternoon they joined up for a real treat- a viewing of Beatrice and Benedick’s ‘merry war of wit’ in  Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare in the open air Globe Theatre. Although the weather was not on our side today, plastic ponchos came to the rescue, and despite the rain, the play had everybody laughing. Law students toured the Supreme Court while psychologists had the chance to sit upon Freud’s couch at the Freud Museum and hear a talk from Shirley Hiscock of the Institute of Psychoanalysis. The Economics students headed to the Bank of England for a presentation and a look around their museum, before touring the nearby Lloyds building, with a chance to explore Leadenhall Market as well. As usual, the trip back to Cambridge was a great opportunity to catch up on some sleep. The students were free to get  their own dinner, and could later spend the evening brushing up on their public speaking skills at a supervisor-led session, or chilling out playing their favourite board games. Tomorrow will bring the final classes and the leaving party. Supervisors are busy preparing decorations as I write! Written by Evie, Head of Pastoral Care
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