QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Summer 2024: Program 1 - Day 6

The first sports day of the year was off to a worrying start, with rain coming down hard all morning in Cambridge. Students were able to have a lie-in and get a later breakfast in college, before reconvening for what first seemed to be a “rain stops play” day in the afternoon. However, in typical English fashion, the sun made an unexpected appearance, and sports day made a miraculous recovery.

As students headed off to the sports centre, the sun followed behind, and before you knew it, sports day was taking off, with the morning’s rain barely recognisable on the athletics track! Fortunately, sports day could go ahead, and in some style, seeing some of the most competitive and passionate games of football Reach has ever seen! With the presence of the Euros filling the atmosphere, the students played as if they were battling it out in the semi-finals in a huge match on the sports field, taking on their fellow college mates, supervisors, and program coordinators!

Alongside the football, which seems to be incredibly popular this program, the students enjoyed the other spaces available at the sports centre. Some played volleyball in a huge circle, while others enjoyed some tennis rallies, featuring some astonishingly talented students! And of course, with access to an athletics track, students took each other on in the 100m, or the more long-distance minded were able to do some laps and practice for Reach’s next morning run club!

Back inside, students could take it easy with an array of board games and activities. Students transformed into detectives during a tense game of Cluedo, and tried out their poker faces at the casino table. Others made friendship bracelets and did some knitting, drawing, and all sorts of arts and crafts! As those outside finally finished their games, they came back inside for a brand new hot fork buffet. Students tucked into a feast, with lasagne, jerk chicken, and cottage pie all on the menu!

After having their fill of the buffet (and going back for more jerk chicken!), everyone walked back to college for tonight’s activities. On the activity menu this evening, we had another Euros viewing party with Turkey back in action, and much to the delight of the Turkish students, it was back on the big screen! For the students worn out from sports, we also put on a relaxed movie night, with snacks and drinks to have a cozy evening in. Alternatively, students could begin to prepare for the World Fair, where they get the chance to present to the whole cohort about their country and culture. This event will take place next week and is a program highlight for all involved.

Looking ahead to Sunday, we head off to London for our second excursion of the summer—a day of museums, theatre, and shopping—but more about that in tomorrow’s blog…

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