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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2023: Program 2 - Day 12

Our last day!

Lessons started today with heavy hearts as we prepared to say goodbye to such a wonderful and enthusiastic cohort of students. Despite last day blues, learning did not stop: the English students had so much to say following their viewing of Barbie and our wonderful teacher was blown away by their insight and sensitivity. Our teachers have consistently been so impressed by the quality of ideas that the students have given to their lessons, as well as their willingness and ability to interrogate and challenge their own beliefs. It has been such a pleasure to work with them this program!


As usual, sports was highly requested this afternoon. So, some students went to their favourite place: Downing Paddocks! Everyone has improved so much and have developed lots more confidence which is just so great to see. Others, a bit tired from the two weeks, decided to have a more relaxed afternoon playing board games – relaxation was quickly replaced with a fierce competition… Those who missed punting finally managed to get out on the river!


The highlight of the day was definitely the masquerade departure party!! The students had independently made such bright and beautiful masks to wear with their friends. We had lots of elaborate, Cambridge-themed mocktails, as well as a fantastic casino night, a tarot card reader, a bracelet making station (the designs were so beautiful and some of our students taught the staff how to make really intricate bracelets), as well as a disco and an awards ceremony!


We are so grateful to have been able to host such fantastic students in our city and to provide them a home away from home. We hope they had a brilliant time and wish them so, so much luck in everything they choose to do :)