Summer 2025: Apply by Saturday 31st August and Save £700
Summer 2025: Apply by 31st Aug and Save £700
Summer 2025: Apply by 31st Aug and Save £700

Summer 2023: Program 2 - Day 10

Today, all our students headed to the Union for an exciting interdisciplinary debate. Our students were able to bring together all their varied lessons over the week to engage in really passionate and well-informed debates. It was so fantastic to see everyone working together and getting stuck in, as well as putting their new knowledge and skills to work! The Cambridge Union is one of the oldest debating societies in the world and our students really appreciated the opportunity to debate in a chamber that has also hosted many famous people and academics, for example Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Winston Churchill, Stephen Fry and many, many more. Among many other things, they were debating about artificial intelligence and the controversial Chat GPT often came up. Twelve teams debated and it was so fantastic to see everyone work together and overcome their nerves to deliver articulate, sensitive and well-informed debates.


After the extremely popular t-shirt painting yesterday, we decided to run it again so everyone had a chance to paint something to remember their time here. We have some extremely talented artists in our midst and I think everyone had a really good time! Others decided to head over, once more (!), to Downing Paddock to play some sports. We can’t believe how much energy all our students have: their enthusiasm is really infectious and we’re all having such a great time.


Then, the big event: the TALENT SHOW! We have been hearing our students preparing their acts for the talent show for a couple of days now, so we were really looking forward to hearing them fully! We were not disappointed; they were all really as incredible as we expected! We had such a wide range of talent, ranging from beautiful piano playing (some even played their own compositions), poetry readings, lots of dance groups, the Reach Boys Choir, as well as truly impressive maths whizz who did complicated sums just then and there so quickly. Our supervisors even joined in with a fantastic rendition of High School Musical! This has really been a highlight of the program so far and we are so grateful that so many people took part and everyone really engaged with the evening!


As the program winds down, we all just want to say a big thanks to everyone at Reach! Everyone has been so enthusiastic for both their classes and all their activities and it has been such a pleasure to get to know everyone here.


As usual, head over to our Instagram/tiktok for more pics on @reachcambridge !