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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2023: Program 2 - Day 9

To make the most of the extremely temperamental British weather, the Politics students all went down to the beautiful Botanic Garden to talk about ecology and the climate crisis while some students went down to the Zoology Museum. We continue to be so impressed with how interested our students are and the teachers are all so grateful to have such enthusiastic learners! As the program draws slowly to its end, it is so positive to see how eager students still are and how they don’t want it to end.


After lunch, one of the activities most popular with our students was t-shirt painting. This had a fantastic turnout and we were so impressed to see some really artistic ideas and creations. Several students had got theirs signed by all their friends, so it was really special to see them actively make memories of their time here – as well as lots of “Reach Cambridge 2023” designs. This was so popular that we will be doing it again tomorrow, for those that did not manage to paint one! Some students decided to go to the paddock at Downing for a game of volleyball – volleyball has been extremely popular this week and everyone is massively improving, especially when, for some, this was the first time they had ever played.


After dinner, the students gathered for their evening lecture, where they were given an introduction to debating in preparation for the long anticipated Interdisciplinary Day tomorrow! We are really excited about this and the students all seemed to be very eager about the prospect of debating. It is also so great to see so many students dedicatedly practicing for the Talent Show tomorrow – from the sound of it, it looks like it will be a really fantastic evening.

Then one of our fantastic supervisors hosted a jamming session, and everyone got together with lots of instruments to play in the evening. We have so many talented and musical students and can’t wait to see them play more!


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