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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2021: Program 1 - Day 10

After a jam-packed two days exploring parts of the U.K, it was nice to see our students back in their chosen subject classes again!

A mighty (and tasty) structure!

In the combined class of Leadership and Architecture, the students were tasked with building towers out of wooden skewers and marshmallows. Using communication, team-work, patience and a bit of luck, both groups managed to build extremely high towers (and enjoying the occasional marshmallow too!).

Our students in Medicine & Life Sciences took to the open spaces of Cambridge and swabbed for microbes around the parks, to take back to the classroom for further analysis and discussion. It was definitely some hands-on work – thank goodness they had gloves on!

Culture analysis in Medicine!

Our afternoon was spent with sports and ball games on Fitzwilliam College’s playing fields. It has been a glorious sunny day so it was great to run around and burn some energy after a fun filled morning of learning!

We all re-grouped for dinner at the dining hall and then joined our resident physicist and astronomer for an evening lecture on Astronomy & Relativity. The students’ interest was piqued as we discussed the world(s) beyond our own and the possibility of extra-terrestrial activity!

Our final hours of the day were spent in Tree Court playing cards, chatting and enjoying the evening sun. More fun adventures to be had tomorrow!