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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Summer 2019: Program 1 - Day 2

The sunny Cambridge day started with morning classes. From learning coding language Python in Computer Science to combining Law with literature, and discussing Harry Potter from a legal perspective. The Engineering class finished off their bridges, while Psychology moved straight to the exciting topic of Personality and Research Design. Some students also enjoyed Emergency Medicine, Coding and Architecture in their Taster classes in the afternoon.

Practising CPR in an outside lesson of Emergency Medicine

The students had the opportunity to get their own lunches afterwards followed by a little bit of free time and more exploration of Cambridge. Back in college, today was the first day of sport activities. Students had the opportunity to play many games such as football, basketball and tennis. However, the most popular game ended up being Rounders, a traditional British bat-and-ball game – students got very into it and the amazing weather came out to play too! Fingers crossed it stays.  Meanwhile, some other students chose to get creative with art and crafts in Trinity Hall College. The lovely sun helped with the brightest ideas, and inspired the most glittery and colourful masks. Once again, students ate dinners in their own colleges, after which the second lecture took place. The title was intriguing – ‘How the Brain Works’. The speaker, Travis, also teaches Medicine classes and has been with Reach for several years. In his lecture, he took the students on a journey through the science of memory and how our brains create them. After this memorable lecture, the students attended more activities such as “Casino” and Board Games. Others channeled yet more sporting enthusiasm by watching the World Cup Semi-Final (England vs USA), which we screened in Trinity Hall.   Now we know how our brains are working every day to store the wonderful memories we’re making at Reach – but if you forget, this blog (and our Instagram / Facebook stories) will be here to remind you! Written by Ola