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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Program 1: Summer 2018 - Day 8


After a busy weekend of excursions, our students have been spoilt today with a well deserved lie in. Classes were pushed back to 1:30pm which gave them the chance to recharge and regroup,  ready for an action packed second week on the program! This has meant that we have had some great work being done during these afternoon lessons, where our Journalism students have been completing some fantastic news articles on the Migrant crisis in the Mediterranean Sea. There was some great work produced in that class and you may get to read some of it in the next couple of days! Following this afternoon’s lessons the students put on their best smiles to pose for this years very highly anticipated group photo! If you want to see a sneaky peak of the final picture please visit the Reach Instagram page today! It was a real task getting 105 students to line up in height order but the task was achieved. The students then headed off for a tasty dinner in their respective colleges. Our evening took a creative turn as our guest lecturer Andrew Simmons delivered a lecture on his career as a film composer and the intricacies associated with film and the music that shapes the ways scenes are perceived and received. The students were truly captivated as they successfully composed the music for an animation clip. There may have been some career option changes this evening.

Sneak Peek

Lastly, the students had the difficult choice between Zumba for those who were more energetic after a lengthy night’s rest and wanting to keep fit. While those of us looking for a more relaxed evening, we had a screening of the wonderful Disney classic live action remake “The Jungle Book”. A tale of young Mowgli who is under threat by a tiger named Shere Khan, and has to flee the jungle with the help of a panther named Bagheera and a free spirited bear named Baloo! The Zumba was so popular, we will be repeating it next week! Watch this space to find out more about the sporting and cinematic developments of Reach Cambridge.