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Program 3: Scholar 2017 – Day 3

Program 3: Scholar 2017 - Day 3

Today’s Biotechnology ‘Reachers’ had the opportunity to extract, amplify and study their very own DNA! The practical took place in the University of Cambridge’s Department of Biochemistry, and allowed the students to experience first hand polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and gel electrophoresis, fundamental and hugely important techniques in molecular biology. Meanwhile, the Economics class also found themselves on an outing, in Cambridge’s central and historic marketplace. Here they surveyed those selling wares and services at stalls regarding various aspects of their businesses including costings, competition and stocking. Over lunch, our Community Outreach team had their second official meeting to plan a number of fabulous works and events to help raise money for Sabre: Reach’s associated charity who work with the Ghanaian government to improve early years education there (for more, click here). Afternoon classes fed directly into the taking of a hotly anticipated Reach group photo, which will be available to the students shortly so that they can remember the great friends they’ve met here for years to come! There were several ‘takes’ of the photo: firstly in more traditional poses, and then in a more humorous way. We wonder which one will be the student favourite… Following dinner in the beautiful college halls was the evening lecture on “The life of flying”. Here, a former pilot of both Air Force and commercial planes briefed the students on his life in the skies and discussed how they, too, could one day follow a similar career path. It was then time for some of our own students to take centre stage! During the evenings World Fair, Reachers were given the opportunity to give a short presentation on their country of origin, and teach both staff and fellow students about their culture, food, traditions, language and so much more. As usual, the event was a fascinating exhibition of diversity, and hugely educational to all in attendance. Looking forward, at evening curfew students and supervisors discussed plans for tomorrow evening’s corridor dinner and bonding. This promises an abundance of pizzas, burritos, Nando’s and more, at the will of the students themselves, and a range of corridor activities. I am personally looking forward greatly to a corridor evening of pizzas, pancakes, cookies and sports! ~ by Jack (Supervisor)