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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 19

Time flies when you’re having fun, and the Reach Cambridge July 2015 Program went very quickly indeed! It only seems like yesterday that all of the students were arriving, playing icebreakers to learn each other’s names, and going on tours of the city to get their bearings. Today they finished classes,  packed up their rooms,…
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 18

Today, on the penultimate day of Reach Cambridge, the much anticipated Reach Olympics took place. Many students stepped up to the plate, displaying admirable skills in wheelbarrow racing, 3-legged racing, beanbag racing and, lastly, the relay around the paddock. The relay was a closely-fought race with many teams striving to come first place. Yet, there…
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 17

Today was what we at Reach Cambridge call “Sabre Day” – the culmination of fundraising efforts from our Community Outreach students to support the SABRE Charitable Trust. Here, the Community Outreach Coordinator Alex explains what the Community Outreach team have been up to during the July Program… The Community Outreach students work together to raise…
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 16

It’s Tuesday again and the final week is just racing by! The big thing on the cards today was the Reach Cambridge Talent Show, an opportunity for us all to showcase the secret gifts we had hiding within. First, though, it was back to the nine o’clock start for class and another day of learning….
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 15

What?  It’s the last Monday already?!  Time certainly does fly here at Reach.  Students were treated to a bit of a lie-in this morning to catch up on some much-needed rest after the weekend’s festivities, with classes starting at 10 rather than 9 (for as we all know, an hour in the morning makes a…
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 14

Today was time for some much needed rest and recuperation for everyone at Reach! A leisurely morning was followed by a picnic and TV Game show-style extravaganza featuring challenges such as speed eating chocolate with a knife and fork, dizzy destruction and the Frisbee fling. Also on offer were board games and a drama workshop….
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 13

Saturday saw the students embark on another trip to the capital! This was a specific trip dedicated to museums and (perhaps the most exciting aspect) shopping! As usual London was not short of exciting things to do. In the morning the students had the choice of two different museums: the Science Museum or the V&A….
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 12

Today was a big day for the Community Outreach students as the sun shone down on the Sabre charity fundraising fete this afternoon. Apple bobbing, ‘soak the supervisor’, limbo challenge, face painting and dodgeball were just a few of the activities on offer to students after class with all the donated money going to Sabre…
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 11

Here at Reach Cambridge, we are keen that students not only explore Cambridge, but experience some of the other excellent places that the UK has to offer. All of our students visited Stratford-upon-Avon today, before splitting into two groups – one went to Warwick Castle, one to see a performance of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice by…
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Reach Cambridge July 2015: Day 10

It’s been another sensational day here at Reach Cambridge. Upon their arrival, students were each given their own Reach Cambridge T-shirt, and were told that during their stay, they would be given the opportunity to personalise it, and to add some zest. Today was that day. Following this morning’s classes, T-shirt painting proved to be…
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