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Guest Post: Carlota on Reach Friendships #friendshipfortnight

Carlota attended Reach Cambridge in July 2016. She studied Law and made some lasting friendships. Here is how she sums up her experience:

Hello, my name is Carlota and I’m from Barcelona, Spain. Last summer I attended Reach Cambridge. It was an extremely enriching experience that I will never forget. Reach Cambridge is not only awesome from an academic point of view but also from a social one. You have the opportunity to make friends from all around the world, as well as learn about a subject that interests you.

I attended the Law course because I had always been interested in it but wasn’t sure if I’d like to study Law at university. I enjoyed the classes so much, I’ve decided it’s what I’m going to study at university next September! Not only has Reach helped me to decide my future, but it has also given me the chance to meet many different and interesting people who are now my friends. 

Once I arrived, I was placed in a group of eight students with a supervisor. This was great because I had my own group and everyone was from a different part of the world and studied a different course. In my group, we had students from Australia, Poland, France, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. We were all very close so we always had lunch or went out together. We had so much fun and we miss each other so much that we have a Whatsapp group and we constantly chat or Skype. In my group there was also another girl from Barcelona called Pati and we actually met up a few weeks ago to chat and drink coffee. It is great to be able to keep in touch with people you met in a summer camp and I am sure I will see many of them again.

Pati and Carlota meeting up in Barcelona just a few weeks ago!

You are not restricted to making friends in your group: you can also make friends from your course and with whoever you want! Everyone is really kind, so by the end of the three weeks you end up knowing everyone. It is impossible not to make friends at Reach. Classes are in the morning but each afternoon you have free time so you will always find someone with whom to play your favorite sport or attend a workshop.

Every Reach Cambridge student has something in common: they want to spend part of their holidays learning, so they are curious and interesting people. Don’t think that the only people who go to Cambridge are weird or nerdy! If you want to have memories to last a lifetime, Reach is the answer. The classes were superb and the level of tuition is excellent. It exceeded my expectations because I never expected to meet such a nice group of friends. I recommend it 100%.