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Save £250 before 31st Jan
Save £250!
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8 Student Perspectives on the Magic of Reach Friendships

To kick off #FriendshipFortnight, here are 8 short testimonials from past students about the friendships they made during their time at Reach Cambridge. We are always thrilled to hear that the international connections forged during our programs last long after the Spring and Summer have ended. Without even mentioning the amazing academic and cultural enrichment Reach Cambridge offers, these unique friendships are enough in themselves make the experience an unforgettable one!  Reach is also the perfect time to strengthen existing friendships by applying and attending a program together – and, our refer-a-friend discount makes it so much easier! More details below…     1. I can honestly say that Reach Cambridge has been the most amazing experience of my life!!! I have been so inspired – I can’t wait to get to uni now! The most amazing thing though has been meeting people from all over the world, who I feel like I’ve known for years! We all had so much fun, I wish I could do this every year!’ – Hayley, Australia (studied Life Science & Medicine) 2.  I made a lot of new friends and memories that will last forever.’ – Arun, USA (studied Physics and Engineering) 3.  ‘This program gave me the opportunity to be educated and make friends and have fun at the same time. I really enjoyed my time here.’ – Uzay, Turkey (studied Biotechnology)     4.  Coming to Reach Cambridge was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. Sure, at the beginning, I was a bit shy and timid but after a few short days I have easily opened up to everyone due to its welcoming and home-like atmosphere. Everyone is very nice and talented and willing to make many new and wonderful friends. The supervisors are all easily approachable, they are like your teachers but you can still socialize with them on a friend-friend basis. The classes are all very intriguing and interesting, giving me many opportunities to learn and think about my future. I’ll definitely miss this a lot, and I wish I’ll come again next year.’ – Nicole, Australia (studied Chemistry and Medical Sciences) 5.  I made a lot of friends and know how to be more independent.’ – Patricia, Indonesia (studied Chemistry and Medical Sciences)   6. Reach Cambridge was so fun! I loved all of the activities and met awesome new friends from across the globe. The course was also very interactive and I enjoyed going to class every single morning.’  BiancaCanada (studied Economics & Business Management) 7. ‘I LOVE IT HERE. We learned a lot of different things. I made a lot of new friends from around the world. I learned to cooperate more with people.’ – Natasha, Indonesia (studied Physics) 8. Reach Cambridge was one of the best experiences of my life. I learnt so many new things and made friends from all over the world. I hope to come back someday.’ – Sirine, Lebanon (studied SAT Preparation)     About #FriendshipFortnight: During Friendship Fortnight we are tripling the ‘Refer a Friend’ discount. To access this special offer, simply apply to any of our programs and pay your deposit. You will then be given a ‘personal referral code’, which you should give to your friend who is also applying. All they have to do is quote this code in the promotions box when they apply (make sure not to miss the deadline), and you will both get a £300 discount! Don’t delay – apply today and share the experience of a lifetime with your friend at this incredible reduced price! For more information on Friendship Fortnight, click here.
Apply before 31st January to save £250